Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Exciting news! A good friend of mine (and fabulously talented writer), Leigh Attaway Wilcox just achieved every writer/mommy’s ultimate dream: Her Children’s Book Has Been Published!!! (Insert sincere, glowing emerald-green jealousy on my part, here.) Leigh’s first book, All Better is hitting shelves at the first of October, but it’s available for pre-order now. Visit to get it while the gettin’s good. =)

I can’t wait to have Leigh pen her Jane Hancock on a copy for Coop.

Yay, Leigh!

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

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Lindsay @ Splat Designs said...

Speaking of must reads... I picked up a Dallas Child today and read your story.. I was tearing up at the end!
You are an amazing writer!