Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Goodness of “Girl”

I feel good tonight. I feel really, really good. Though Coop and I got off to a rough start last Sunday with our whole maiden voyage into the wonderful world of solids, like all troopers, we plowed through our issues (me missing his mouth, him spitting what little made it in, yadda yadda). But now, a week later, we both look like old pros (well, we still have cereal on our hands, clothes, high chair, but no more on the nose or in the hair … SUCCESS!).

Bonus???? With a tummy full of cereal, Coop is back to sleeping through the night … big time. Friday night he snoozed for 10 hours straight … a record. Then last night he went and blew that outta’ the water with a solid 11.25 hours, with no screaming when it was feeding time.

And all of this diaper land greatness has an awesome trickle down effect: time to catch up on my “stuff.”

One of the first things to go when you become a new mommy is that extra time for up keep. Ya’ know, like shaving, drying the hair, taking a nice long soak. B.C. (Before Cooper) I never thought twice about the girly things a gal needs to do to feel, well, girly. But throw a baby in the mix and whamo, most days you’re lucky to get a coat of mascara on and a clean pain of jeans. This lack of “me” time has really started to wreak havoc on my mental status. Devoting every second to my family, completely sidelining myself has made me feel so, to put it eloquently, yucky! Until tonight, every time I looked in the mirror, I was disgusted by what I saw … the lackluster skin, the bags under the eyes, limp locks that come out in clumps. Pathetic.

While I may be jinxing my victory by celebrating success a little too early, I can’t contain my excitement … this weekend, drum roll, please … I washed and moisturized my face! I finally removed the nail polish that had adorned my toes for over two months (yes, I was the one in the elevator who always did the pee pee dance if she saw someone cast a glance toward her feet out of embarrassment)! I took a bubble bath! I shaved the Amazon legs (you're welcome, honey)!

While I'm still eons away from a mani/pedi, highlights and a massage, tonight, fully rested and wide-eyed, I feel girly again. And girly feels good.

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

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Isn't it amazing how much you cherish the things you took for granted before you were a mom? Great post!