Saturday, September 29, 2007

What's Up, Chuck?

Today Coop "met" every child's favorite pizza-pushing varmit ... Chuck E. Cheese. Well, let me correct myself, he's the rat kids love ... to hate. They adore the animitronic version, but when the "real deal" arrives, belting out a snazzy rendition of "Happy Birthday," the kids start screaming and head straight to mom and dad.

I guess if I was 3-foot something and jacked up on pizza, sprite and the thrill of winning a cup full of coupons, I'd be freaked by seeing a mountain of a mouse coming at me in his polyester purple get-up.

Other than the tears sparked by Mr. Cheese, the 4th-birthday party for our little friend Taelor was a raging success. Though, I must admit, Chris and I are beyond thrilled that there are no more pizza parties in our immediate future. For now, we'll stick with the big blue dog, at least he's a little higher up on the food chain. =)

-smell you later-
Coop's Mom (aka Tessa)

The birthday gal, Taelor, getting fast & furious.

Chris: "Oh, God, there's two of them!" Chris,with Coop & his future wife, Tylie (the b-day girl's baby sister). Coop & Tylie were born 7 days apart. Aww.

Coop & I make good use of our tokens by being "immortalized" in Chuck E. Cheese fashion. (Thanks Trevor for helping get Coop to actually look at the camera.)

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