Sunday, October 7, 2007

good times

There are those days as a mom when you feel you’re going out of your ever beloved mind. You know, like when the baby won’t stop screaming, he pees every time you take the diaper off, he won’t eat, sleep, play nice and you’re convinced that you’re just not cut from the right mommy cloth.

But, then there are days like today when motherhood is effortless, beautiful, where you are so blissed out by the joy your baby brings that you think you’ll go out of your ever beloved mind trying to soak in every second.

Coop has been in rare form. From the moment he woke up this AM to the time I tucked him in he was giggling and cooing and squealing in delight. And all of this verbal fun was punctuated by several peaceful naps (which means I snuck in several peaceful naps – whoo-hoo).

Bonus??? Coop rolled over. He rolled over. He rolled over. Yes, this is a feat he accomplished several weeks ago (see “The Rollover Kid” for back story), but has yet to replicate. But this evening, during our nightly blanket bonding, I rolled him onto his tummy and he flipped back on his own, over and over again, squealing all the while. It was so awesome.

Most Sunday nights I get pretty bummed because Monday means my 24/7, all-you-can-get Coop buffet is over. I love being a working mom, but I hate the all-too-quick 2-3 hours a night I get with my little guy. I miss him so much while at work that I visit my blog several times a day just to see his precious face, to watch his videos, to remember what it is I’m working for.

Tonight, however, there are no blues-worthy feelings, just a rockin’ natural high that only one’s own baby can bring.

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

Coop chats up a storm.

Look out world, Coop's on the "move." =)

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