Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It’s a Halloweenie!

The hubby, aka the redneck businessman, is bogarting the camera today since he and his fellow Careington cohorts are all dolled up in honor of Halloween (meaning I’ll have to post Coop’s first costume pics later tonight or tomorrow).


This morning in the shower it just hit me just how — ahem — significant Coop’s getup is in the grand scheme of things. After much debate (see the Halloween
entry), Chris and I “decided” that Cooper would celebrate his first big holiday as a hot dog — a Halloweenie — and guess what? Today is exactly one year since I found out that my little peanut (he was only 8 weeks into the baking process at the time) was “growing” his very own Halloweenie! LOL!

Last Halloween I was still the senior editor at DallasChild and I blogged (read Boy
or Girl?
about how I was going to be the guinea pig for a new company, IntelliGender, that had created at-home gender detection kits.

As they were still in the development phase at the time, I collected my “stuff” in a cocktail jar and met with the developers on Halloween to get the news (read What’s in the Sauce? for details). I found out at about 4 in the afternoon that Chris and I would be having a boy and now, crazy of all crazy, that little boy is at daycare dressed as a weiner. =)

Happy Halloweenie!

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

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