Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Best Friend

Four years ago I married my best friend. On that day and every day since Chris and I have always joked that we’d stay hitched until our 25th wedding anniversary (both of our parents split just after each of their respective 25ths so we thought this was a good “trial
run”) and then, if we decided we still liked each other, we’d do it all over again. =)

I think this kind of sarcastic, lighthearted look at life, and at each other, is what keeps our marriage clicking. Sure we love each other and are in love with each other in that ooey gooey way that makes you want to gag, but we usually keep that sap to ourselves.
Instead, (as anyone who has spent more than 2 seconds with us can attest), we call each other pet names like sh!@% head and swap endearing phrases like, “shut your face.”

We make fun of and pick on each other ad nauseam, which often harkens back to the days on the schoolyard when the boy would yank on the ponytail of the girl he had a crush on. Maybe that’s where we get our spark.
After all, we did start dating in high school and were actually married 8 years to the day we first starting dating (which, aack!, means we’ve been a part, in one way or another, of each other’s lives for 12 years!).

I know it’s so cliché and I’ve already said it in this post, but I did marry my best friend – the one I give wet willies to, the one I bring dirty diapers to and say, “here, sniff this,” the one I absolutely, without a doubt, know is the other half of my (twisted) soul.

He keeps me breathing.

And our journey as parents has only made our bat-crap crazy connection even more defined, more perfect.
Maybe even more mushy. In fact, the hubby must be runneth over with emotions, because he just sent me the sweetest e-mail:

“I just want to tell you something from my heart.
Maybe it's me getting older in a couple of days, but the most beautiful thing in my life is seeing you holding our son. I thank God every day that he put you back in my life and I am grateful for every day that I am with you.
You are my best friend, my wife, my lover, my everything. I know we said that we would think it over after 25 years. I can't do that, I can't begin to think of life with out you, actually life for me would end. I will always love you Tessa…..
Your husband,


I will always love you too, sh!@% head, happy anniversary! Now shut your face and get back to work.

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

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