Sunday, November 11, 2007

Good Baby = Bad Mommy

What do you get when you mix a spending-deprived woman, an outlet mall, some “extra” cash, a beautiful afternoon and one HAPPY baby?

One BAD mommy!!!

Since we started the debt diet, anytime that I was jonesing for a quick retail fix, I would load up Cooper and head to the baby department at Super Target … I knew that whatever I bought would be inexpensive (hello, I’m addicted to their $3.99 “funny” onesies that he’ll stain with green peas on the first wear around) and ultimately benefit the babe. Bonus? While Coop LOVES to be in the stroller checking out the action, ultimately he gets fussy about 30 minutes to an hour in … he’s like a built-in budget blocker. His crying fits always have me streaming to the car before I can get in over my head … good boy — he knows Mommy’s not to be trusted.

But yesterday my budget-conscious baby was of absolutely no help to my weakened shopper’s soul. I got paid on Wednesday for the focus group I participated in (so fun, recommend it to anyone needing some extra cash) and also (finally) received my check for two articles I wrote for DallasChild and babydallas — yay! And since I’d survived 4 days without Daddy back-up, I thought I deserved a modest spending “spree.”

Chris and I (wanting to stay respectful of the budget) discussed what I’d spend — max — and then Coop and I headed to the Allen Outlet Mall to check out the uber deals.

We plowed through the first quarter of stores without even batting an eye. Coop was LOVING the fresh air and I was LOVING the fact that I could shop without buyer’s remorse … the first time in months … yippee. But, by the time we hit Baby Gap I was sunk. Denim jackets and overalls and onesies, oh my! I blew through half of my “afternoon allowance” before the 12-year-old cashier could say, “debit or credit?”

“Oh well,” I thought, as I hit Osh Kosh B’gosh, “I may look like crap, but I’ll have the cutest dressed babe on the block.” After all, I’ve come to realize that once you have a tike, no one looks at mom anyway. =)

After rounding our way around the megaplex nearly four hours later, taking time out for a bottle and nap (Cooper) and a Diet Coke and mini-cinibun (me), I had exceeded my allotted chunk of change by nearly double — oops!

Coop was just being so incredibly accommodating and precious and I was having so much fun finding bargains that I just couldn’t control myself. I was like that girl who’s been on a fasting diet for a week and then heads to an all-you-can-eat buffet: Whoa, Mama, look out! It was madness.

Just hope I’m holding the baby when Chris finds those receipts. =)

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

p.s. The pic is of Coop during our bottle-bun break. Poor guy just can't hang, lol.

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