Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hey, Santa

Yesterday, braving the blustery 40ish degree weather, Mimi, Coop and I made our first trek to see Santa Claus. The wait was long — about 2 hours — but Cooper did awesome! He never flinched, winced or cried when other kiddies’ balloons burst (a feat that seemed impossible to avoid for some of the other Santa seekers!!!). He, instead, was mesmerized by all of the activity. He was so incredibly wide-eyed, he barely blinked afraid he might miss something in the millisecond his eyes were shut.

Despite his happy disposition, I still feared that Cooper might a.) Be exhausted by the time we finally reached Santa’s workshop and would sleep through the entire photo session or b.) Throw a screaming hissy fit like so many who went before him.

But, but the time we finally reached Santa’s lap, Cooper put on his game face and was a true champ. He cooed and grinned, grabbed at the big guy’s beard. He rocked his first meeting and even Santa couldn’t resist those chubby cheeks — he peppered Coop’s face with kisses. Awww.

I think that definitely warrants a mention on the “Nice” list.

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

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Kathy Sena said...

OK, those pictures are absolutely adorable! So glad it went well after a 2-hour wait. The pics and memories will only get more precious over the years. Thanks for sharing Cooper's first visit with Santa!