Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy (Belated) "Birthday," Baby

OOPS. I suck. Again.

I missed last month's birthday post because I was consumed with finding a new job. And this month I flat ran out of time because Coop's 8th-month milestone fell last Friday - the day my mom was having her heart cath.

I won't berate myself (this time!) for being a lackluster mommy, I'll just make a concerted effort in the future to remember to stop forgetting. =)

But, back to the main message at hand. Happy! Happy! to my little guy. I am in absolute awe that he is already 8 months old. When he was first born, so many people said, "Don't blink. Blink and he'll be grown."

My eyes feel as though they are coated in desert sand from following this great piece of advice. But, I must admit, it hasn't slown things down.

Coop changes daily. In the past month he has become a world-champion roller ... over and over he goes, where he stops, no one knows. =) He's not crawling yet, but he sooo wants too ... just hasn't quite figured out how to get all of the parts going in the right direction. He has added about 12 million new sounds to his verbal repetoire (long live goose boy) and he has become the grabbiest thing I have EVER seen.

Bonus? He's a hugger! (The ladies loooove this.) He's always been a cuddle bug, but now he loves to dig his head into your neck and hug you ... absolute best feeling in the world. Just have to make sure he stays away from those little diaper divas at daycare ... sorry girls, he's my little man ... for now. =)


courtney said...

He is the cutest little thing! I love his smile in this picture.

I've been thinking and praying for your mom. I'm glad her heart cath went well and I'm praying that everything else will go well, too.

Anonymous said...

Such a hottie at 8 mos!!! Soon you won't recall if he will be 15 or 17years--ha ha ha, been there, lived that!!! love melanoma mimi