Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mimi’s News

“I just called to tell you that I have malignant melanoma.”

Those were the words my mom shared with me Friday afternoon. My mom, my best friend, my rock, my biggest cheerleader was calling to tell me she has cancer.

She was upbeat in her delivery, unaffected, in charge. I knew part of the façade was to help me better-handle the news. The other part was for her.

“There is nothing to freak out about yet. I’ll let you know when/if it’s time,” she said lightly.

I forced myself to stay strong through the conversation until I heard her end of the line click to an eerie silence.

Then I let the tears fall where they may.

I didn’t cry for what could be.

I cried for what was.

2007 was not kind to my mom. She endured not one, but two intense staph infections … one which resulted in a partial amputation of her middle finger, the other, the removal of her big toenail.

She persevered.

She has excruciating arthritis.

She pushes through the pain.

She is scheduled for a heart cath at the end of the month for chest pain and resulting abnormal test results.

She will soldier her will to endure this, as well.

She will be setting up appointments with surgeons and oncologists tomorrow to get started on tackling the melanoma on Monday.

She will plow through with the strength of 20.

I know these things to be true.

She is the ultimate survivor. And if anyone can come through such unrelenting trials with an offbeat joke and a smile, it is my mom.

When Cooper hit his pre-bedtime giggle fit Friday night, we called my mom (aka Mimi). We got her voicemail so I put the phone to Cooper’s ear so he could coo and laugh on the machine. “Just called to say we love you Melanoma Mimi,” I laughed, Coop continuing to squeal in the background.

The emotion of the day had given way to a renewed sense of evil humor. And I knew my mom would appreciate the sentiment.

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)


Anonymous said...

hye lil mommie/daughter...hey I felt amazing until I read your blog!! ha ha I know this will be tougher for you than for me...always has been, always will be, you are just that tenderhearted regarding your mommie. The blog is great, I hope I can live up to your great expectations...but of course you know the only reason I have such strength is through my deep abiding faith, that I never walk alone. I love you for your caring, your sparkling personality and your WAY-OFF BEAST humor!! I could not make it without you--so stay strong my dear daughter...God will carry us both. lovemimi

The Buster Family said...

I'm so sorry to hear the news about your mom. She is an amazingly strong woman, stronger than I ever can imagine being. I will be praying for her, for a fast and complete healing. Keep us posted on how she's doing!