Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sittin' Up and Takin' Notice

"We've" been practing "our" sittin' up skills for quite awhile, but on Monday - the day Coop hit 9 months - was the first sit on record that lasted longer than 5.6 seconds. Who-hoo!!!

He's actually progressed into minutes ... providing, of course, that he's in the mood to sit on his own. Otherwise, he flops back like a fish outta' water.


Anonymous said...

He is SUCH a big boy now--I can't believe you forgot to tell me on the phone...congrats!!!! love melanoma mimi

Straight Shooter said...

Dear Ms. Diaper Diva,
Please accept my humble request to join me in a photo meme. You'll have to come read all about it on my blog!
Straight Shooter ;o)

Leigh A. Wilcox said...

What a doll! Tessa--he is such a photogenic little guy. I love seeing the precious pics of all of these fun milestones. Thanks for sharing.