Thursday, March 6, 2008

s(no)w baby

Can inclement weather be a milestone in your little one's life? How about in a new mommy's life?

In my off-beat universe the answer is a resounding hecka yeah!

Since I was little, I have been obsessed with snow (probably because its appearance is as rare as finding that most-coveted round-toe wedge in MY size at the 75% off sale rack in Nordstrom!).

Anywhoo, last winter when I was preggars with Coop, it seemed like ice and snow came and went weekly and I loved every minute of it. I secretly counted down the days until I could share the love of the fluff with him in my arms, rather than in my belly.

My first chance came (and went) on Monday with no commemoration, no celebration, no pomp and circumstance. The little guy petered out hours before the snow started falling and the hubby threatened me with a month-long, solo stint on diaper duty if I woke the baby for pics.

I pouted. But you know what they say, "NEVER wake a sleeping baby."


Well, when the blizzard blew in this afternoon, there was SNOW WAY in HELL (yes, I really just wrote that!) I was gonna' let Coop miss it.

I was like a kid again as I excitedly, feverishly constructed a little eskimo joe snow fort for Coop to pose in for pics. I couldn't wait to see the flakes gather gently atop his cheeks and eyelashes. I was breathless at the thought of seeing him pound the drifts with his tiny palms.

Chris and I got him all bundled up, took him in the frozen air and ...

nuthin'! No excitement, no joy, no fits of jubilant laughter.

Just a fussy baby freezin' his ass off.

Even the pics are slow-motion lame (except for the side shot of Coop - that one's a keeper).

This year I didn't snag those precious snow baby moments I'd been dreaming of ... (note to self: he's only 9 months old!!), but I do have years and years of snow balling, fort building, drift pounding moments to look forward to.

And those thoughts will always keep me warm.

p.s. The too-short snow fort? Mine. The too-cute snowmen? Built by the neighbors.


courtney said...

Ha! Yes, he looks *very* uninterested! Cute pics, though!! And, you always have to document baby's first snow!

Anonymous said...

awwe, he does look a little forlorn or sad doesn't he??? poor baby. Love the side shot and one of the ones with coop and chris--but it was fun wasn't it??? That's what it is all time together.