Thursday, March 13, 2008

Workin’ 9 to 5 …

Whoo-hoo! Melanoma Mimi (aka my mom) is back at work! After six weeks of recoup (she had a cancerous tumor removed from her ankle) spent either flat on her arse, or propped up ever so slightly in a recliner, she’s been cleared to rejoin the human race.

Still no word yet on whether chemo (or any other equally fun treatment) is in her future (she meets with her oncologist next week). At present though, we’re all just thrilled that it looks like the skin graft is taking and that she’s on the mend (although the pictures of her “skin puzzle” make me want to gag, lol!).

Thanks to everyone who has kept her in their prayers. They were heard. They were felt. Please continue to toss her name upward … cancer is a scary booger.

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Anonymous said...

Awwe how sweet, thank you for the support and care and blog mention!! ha ha ha Yes I have rejoined the human race, but don't feel quite human right now, I just got home from my second day at work--O U C H !!!!!! Believe me I will push through the pain--that's way better than being recliner confined!!!!! love melanoma mimi