Tuesday, April 8, 2008

growing pains

Coop is growing. And I’m in pain. Sigh.

Over Easter, Coop made the transition from car seat-in-the-stroller rider, to big-boy-in-the-stroller (sans car seat) rider. That was a big adjustment for me. I felt completely out-of-sync not having his little face staring up at me as it had during every other trip to the mall, store, park during the 10 months leading up to this fateful day.

It sent shocks to my heart when shoppers would walk by and say, “Aww, such a peaceful sleeper.” Huh? What? He’s asleep!!?? We walk and I wonder what he’s doing, what he’s checking out. I glance longingly at the newer newbie parents with their tiny bundles still tucked sweetly in their sights and wish to have those days back.

Then, another milestone. We lowered Cooper’s baby bed. He was starting to get scary-wild in his movements … he was doing flips and turns and I knew it was only a matter of minutes before he catapulted straight over the side of the bed. So, Chris lowered the bed to the next level. The next level doesn’t even look like a baby bed. It looks like a cage! A big boy bed with bars. I HATE it! We took the bumpers off, but now that he loves to stick his legs through the slots (and get his chunky monkey thighs stuck), I’m thinking they need to go back on … they will help keep him from becoming permanently affixed to the railing AND give this mommy some semblance of a baby bed back. It’s a win-win, right?

I am sooo thrilled with the amazing little man Coop is growing into, I just wish my heart could keep up with his pace. Thankfully, for now, he still wants to hug and cuddle and fall asleep together and that helps my heart better-handle the other stuff. The growing stuff. The big boy stuff.


courtney said...

Awwww, it is painful!

Korley's bed totally looks like a cage now. She learned how to climb out of it a week or so ago, and even on the lowest setting she could still get out. So, we completely took the springs out and put the mattress on the floor--total cage!

Val said...

Tessa, we have never met. I am friends w/ Bridgette Williams and sister-in-law of Megan Weadock. Megan told me about your blog months ago, before I had my little boy (now 8 months old). I've been anonymously following since then. I completely understand your "growing pains." Seth (my son) is going through a wanting-to-be-like-dad phase and I just miss my little cuddle bug:(

art.schmid said...

I randomly came across your blog but I am SO glad I did. My son, Tristan, is 9 1/2 months so I understand what you're going through.
When we take walks, I wonder if he notices the birds or the dog walking by or if he just peers into space contemplating the universe.
And the big boy bed...well, crib. Besides the milestone of it all, it makes it harder to lay them down, I think. I'm not very tall and I have short arms!
Do you cry when you tuck away out-grown clothes? It gets me every time!