Sunday, May 4, 2008


I submitted it last August. It was accepted in November. It was slated to run in April. And then May. And now ... October. The best things come to those who wait I guess.

Last week I finally received my contract from Working Mother magazine to publish a personal essay I'd written about Cooper. This has been a dream of mine ... to be published in a national pub ... and now it seems like it's going to come true. I am sooo friggin' excited. Actually receiving all the legal eagle paperwork lends an honest sense of reality to it all. And to have my first piece be about my precious little man, well it doesn't get any better than that!


courtney said...

congrats! that's awesome! i can't wait to read it.

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Wow! So, so, soOOOO cool Tess! I cannot wait to buy a copy on the stands! Persistence Baby. It is about to pay off.