Tuesday, June 17, 2008

best. gift. ever.

The other day, my hubby surprised me with a treat ... a rechargeable, handheld gift of pure goodness.

This unexpected blessing led me the most wonderful realization ever: there are 3 gifts that are above all others in the land of mommyhood.

No. 1: The gift of life.
No. 2: The gift of love.
No. 3: The gift of bustin' dust.

Yup. Bustin' dust my friends, bustin' dust. Or, in my case, the daily suckage upage of some serious cheerios, goldfish crackers and the remnants of every scrap of food Coop somehow managed to miss getting into his mouth.

My dear hubby bought me a dust buster!!!! After weeks of whining about how I needed to just "go get one already," Chris snagged one during a quick grocery trip. SWEET!

If you have yet to enter the world of solid foods with an eager beginner, or it's been awhile, the magnitude of this epiphany may be lost on you. However, talk to any mom wrestling with a food-filled, two-fisted tot who luuves to chunk chunks in the floor and you'll soon see how amazing it is! The ability to grab a handy dandy (SMALL!) device off the wall charger and make messes disappear in seconds versus having to lug a huge vacuum out from behind the slew of outgrown bouncers, swings and play things, and it's like SHAZAM! POW! KABAM! I have super power!

The dust buster is my secret weapon. Food chunks my mortal enemy.

Look out overlooked biter biscuit chunk. I'm comin' for ya'!

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Sawatzky Kids said...

Listen....Who doesn't love a good dust buster! LMAO!
You are too funnny!