Tuesday, June 10, 2008

pickles & ice cream

This past Saturday was Amy’s baby shower. (I can’t freakin’ believe my baby sister is about to have her own baby. Aww, I’m gonna’ be Auntie Tess … how great does that sound?)

Anywhoo, we celebrated Amy’s mama-2-B status and baby Montana (aka Monty, who’s set to make her big debut in less than 4 weeks … yippee!) with a craveworthy bash centered around pickles, ice cream and lots of crunchy munchies. A couple of the more daring guests embraced the theme with open — um — mouths, topping their sundaes with yup, you guessed it, slices of dill pickle — love it! One even added olives!!

After inhaling ice cream, playing games and opening gifts galore, Amy was done. Poor mama, her Braxton-Hicks contractions were so bad she could barely waddle around to tell her guests good-bye.

With Montana making her mama so miserable, I have to say that I’m secretly pulling for a July 4th baby… that little niece of mine deserves a birthday filled with fireworks. =)

A clothesline fit for a princess. The guests customized onesies and burp cloths for baby Monty.

Two of Amy's BFFs, Dawn and Heather, demonstrate how to play the cotton ball game.

Amy strikes a pose with all of her presents. Spoiled. Spoiled. Spoiled. =)

It fits! I snagged this precious lil' pink dress for Monty months ago ... before we were even sure that she wasn't, in fact, a he!!

Look at all those babies! Monty will have plenty of lil' boys to play with and one lil' girl to show her the ropes.

A proud Mimi surrounded by some of her best gal pals, Kren, Anne and Rose Anne.

Coop takes a break from the baby bash to play with his crazy Uncle Steve.


mimipam said...

what a cute blog of our recent "swaree"--hmmmm, I have NO idea how to spell that. sigh. Good job Aunti Tess and you better quit calling her Monty or Amy just may punch you out!! ha ha, let me know, I might could sell tickets and rake in the cash!!!!! You did a fabulous job on the partee, thank you from my weary "soles" for all of your help. YOU ROCK love mimi

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Yay! Congrats to you Auntie!