Monday, June 16, 2008


“Hey, just wanted to say ‘thaaaaaank you’ for the blog post. Everyone at work has read it and they think I’m a God.” — Chris (aka my hubby, aka apparent daddy/hubby of the year) Click here for backstory.

I have created a monster.

Yesterday’s daddy’s day post has apparently awarded my husband a d-list celebrity status around his office and he’s juiced from all of the fan fare. Add to that the self-esteem boost from a recent 50-pound weight loss and the boy may be insufferable by day’s end.

But, all the puffing and pounding on the chest did leave me with a freakin’ genius, house-fund-padding plan.


My hubby.

He cooks! He cleans! He does diapers! Need help with a household budget? Chris makes a mean spreadsheet. Need workout motivation? This boy is an incredible workout buddy. Something broke? He can fix it. Need a laugh? He’ll make you cry (from his insane sense of humor).

My hubby rocks and I’m willing to share.

Ladies, contact me to schedule time with the hubby, the appointment book is out and my pen is at the ready.


STACIE said...

We want him, we want him! You can send him to Abilene anytime. How much for the fourth of July weekend? :) Just kidding (kinda), kudos to the best daddy EVER!

Sawatzky Kids said...

LMAO!!! Maybe he could fill in for Daddy Duty when mine is on Vacation! LMAO!
TOO Funny!
Shelly and gang