Sunday, July 6, 2008

little wonders

Toward the end of my pregnancy the song Little Wonders by Rob Thomas came out and immediately I was hooked. Heart and soul. The lyrics made me think of all of the moments (the good and the bad) that collided in perfect harmony in order for Coop to get here ... each a little wonder that brought me my little wonder, my most precious blessing.

Through pregnancy and now, 13 months into mommyhood, there's not been one time that I've listened to this silly little song and not been overcome by the deepest emotions which spring forth from the most beautiful part of the heart ... where the truest, purest love grows.

Now that my little sister has become a mommy, I thought it the perfect time to pass this song on to her and to her little wonder. Amy, may this serve as a reminder to cherish the small things, to savor the seconds.


STACIE said...

She is so loved already. What a beautiful baby girl. Good job, Auntie Tess on the pictures. Hugs to the Boldings...

mimipam said...

OK, that totally made me cry like the big baby that I am. What a sweet, special tribute to our new lil girlie on the block! What things we have in store...only God knows. amen lovemimi