Tuesday, August 26, 2008

heart help

As most everyone knows, I have a little heart condition. Diagnosed when I was 18, it's nothing serious, but it can be incredibly painful when the wonky ticker decides to throw a hissy fit (as it's been doing lately).

Yesterday afternoon, after a particularly agonizing episode, I found myself in the cardiologist’s office. As I was waiting, I could hear the whispers of other patients sharing their stories, their reasons for being there. Heart attack. Stroke. Inoperable cancer impairing the ventricles of the heart.

I was instantly overcome. I felt blessed that my own story read as a fairy tale in comparison to the ones wafting around the waiting room. I ached for the others, especially the elderly couple situated beside me, who seemed so deserving of a miracle.

It was at that moment that I sent up a quick thank you for my wonky ticker and reignited my desire to raise funds for the American Heart Association. I can’t create a miracle on my own, but maybe if we all band together, we can raise the funds so that the crew in the white lab coats can.

There are just three weeks left until I slip on my walking shoes in an effort to stomp out heart disease. Please help me help those who need it most by making an online donation by clicking here.

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