Wednesday, August 6, 2008

potty talk

So, Coop, Mr. I’m-Not-Gonna’-Walk-Until-I’m-Good-And-Ready, is focusing his attention away from his lack of upright motor skills and toward getting into every freakin’ thing not nailed down (well, even that stuff isn’t safe).

He’s OBSESSED with the kitchen cabinets and drawers, the fridge, dishwasher, clothes dryer and the shower (especially when I’m in it!) but my personal fav has to be the toilet. Ugh. Why the fascination? I mean I get it, there’s a lid, it bangs (loudly!) when you lift it and let gravity plunk it down, there’s water, there’s a lever thing that makes the best noise ever when you yank it, and there’s a random black hole, but. Come. On. I have to race that little turkey to see who can get to the seat first … Mommy who has to pee (really, really badly) or Cooper who wants to play. Well, at least I burn a calorie two in the Great Potty Race of 2008.

Hmm, the next amazing Olympic sport?

p.s. (at left) Coop found the doggie door at Nana and Pappy’s house over the weekend. Crack. Me. Up. (just glad we don’t have one!)


Lindsay said...

What a sweet picture!~

Travis went through the SAME obsession!

Trav didn't walk until almost 15 months and the doc said that is so normal for boys... that the NORM for boys is closer to 17-18 months.


The Buster Bunch said...

I'm with ya on the potty obsession!!! It's so gross! She loves to play all around the potty. I feel like I clean it all the time, but you just can't keep a potty clean enough, because you have to use it. It grosses me out, but I can't get her away from the potty. Maybe this means they will potty train early :)