Wednesday, September 17, 2008

mommy lesson No. 1,987 ...

Don't let the 1-year-old feed himself pancakes with syrup.

Why? He thinks it's funny to stick the pancakes to everything and everywhere, except for the inside of his mouth.

Why? He thinks it's funny to smear his face, hairline and ears with the syrup, much like Mommy would smear on a mud mask.

Why? He thinks it's funny when Mommy FREAKS OUT because every area on said 1-year-old's face, hairline and ears that was smeared with syrup turns into a raging red spot, much like Mommy's face after the mud mask has stayed on too long and singed her skin.


The pics don't do justice, but I had to try ...

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mimipam said...

Good Lord, I have never heard of anyone having a skin allergy reaction to maple syrup---and what the heck are you doing giving that boy maple syrup--what happened to your no sugar rule?? That boy is a riot and a half! lovemimi