Sunday, September 14, 2008

walk like ...

you mean it. ;) Yesterday was the American Heart Association Heart Walk and, though it seemed like Hurricane Ike was going to unleash on the festivities (well, he did just a touch ... at first), the rain and wind couldn't dampen the spirits of those in attendance.

Team PPAI was out in full force representing the company and walking for our loved ones ... um, well sort, of. Our original 10-member team shrank in size due to the start of soccer season, sick kiddos and concern over parents who were experiencing Ike head on. But three of us carried on, with two honorary members. =)

It was a great experience (as always), however I was a bit bummed because Chris and Coop could't join me. Daycare called (AGAIN!) on Friday saying Coop was running fever. He was congested and coughing and all kinds of yuck, so dada stayed and tended to the snot rocket.

But ... by last night Coop was in better spirits and, after bath time, he decided to do a lil' walk of his own!!! Aww, that's my boy (he's nearly 16 months, but he's getting there, one step, one fall, one crawl at a time).

Pics from the AHA Start! Heart Walk Our team shirts (thanks Suze!!!)

Melissa and her adorable daughter Terra

The crowd ... great numbers despite the impending threat of a tropical storm.

The team walking it out for heart disease

At the finish line ... we made it!

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mimipam said...

YEAH--good job team--way to walk it out for those who can barely cross the floor!!!!!

My lil buddy is looking GREAT on the walking himself, not long and you will be sooooo sorry. Except of course in the mall...ha ha