Sunday, October 19, 2008


One word to describe me right now??? Stressed! We put an offer on a house a week ago and after our counter to their counter to our counter to their counter to our offer, we still don't have a signed deal. Ugh. The hubs and I are on pins and needles hoping that tomorrow will bring bright, shiny, happy news that the seller final signed off and that we're good to go.

On top of that (we're assuming the house will eventually be ours, because we love it and that's the way the world works, right, you love something enough and it'll happen???), we have 5 weeks from tomorrow until closing and need to scrape the last few dollars (think many, many "few") for closing costs, moving, renovations, etc. We're both working as much as we can "moonlighting" and the time spent a part and cranking out the extra hours is wearing us both down. Big time.

We're both grouchy as hell most days and all I want to do is sleep, eat and sleep some more. All the hubs wants to do is get lost in football ... fantasy or otherwise (um, wait, maybe that's not so abnormal, lol).

Fingers are crossed that a big, bright neon light is at the end of this tunnel (just hope there's not a train attached to it!).

Below are a few pics of our (hopefully) new home.


mimipam said...

looks awesome!! hey is this place in a town called little elm, or is it a subdivision--brian asked and I have not a CLUE...he is such a stickler for info....fingers crossed!!! lovemimi

josh said...

What's the scoop? Any word on the house??

Natalie said...

Hi Tessa! It's Natalie from Dallas Child years ago. I just read through some of your blogs and your family is too cute! Cooper is absolutely adorable!!! Good luck on the house. I know how it is. We closed on our house 5 months ago. And boy, was it stressful until everything was signed and then the weight was gone. Good luck! I'll say a prayer!

Natalie Tastle