Monday, October 27, 2008

the waiting game

I'm over it. I'm over it. I'm soooo freakin' over it. This whole buying a house business is for the birds!

Today marks the 15th day since the hubs and I submitted our first offer on house No. 1 (yes, now there are two!) and 11 since we submitted our third and final offer. The day after we entered our final counter, we were told that, "mirale of miracles," the bank had received two other offers on the house we were interested in and so they would have to decide which one was the best deal.(Really? Reeeally? After 200+ days on the market with no bite, there were suddenly three? Pfft!)

Anywhoo, frustrated amd bordering on going completely postal, the hubs and I started looking at other houses last week. And, 5 days ago we submitted an offer on another house.

Two weeks in, two offers pending on two houses and still no word. Sigh ... I'm startin' to think the Falks won't be "movin' on up" like the Jeffersons. Boo.

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josh said...

Ugh! That is just obnoxious! I feel your pain - the second house I ever bid on did the whole "another offer" thing, too, except it was a big fat lie. They eventually did get another offer, but they stalled on responding to mine until it actually happened.