Monday, November 3, 2008

pins & needles

Ack! House No. 2 is a short sale. In our initial contract we gave the seller and the bank until last Friday to decide "yay!" or "nay!" to our offer.

Thankfully, we got a verbal Yay! (whoo-hoo!).

But ... the realtor and I went back out to the house on Saturday and discovered that the water heater was TRASHED! UGH! So, we had to rework the contract ... the FHA person would NEVER pass a house with a moldy water heater. Just heard that the homeowner has agreed to replace the WH if the bank doesn't, so now, we're on pins and needles waiting to receive the written approval.

If we don't hear back today, the house goes into foreclosure/auction. I'm counting down the minutes ...


~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Holy Cow! I have missed everything over here!!
A grown-up boy, house buying!
What's next? A new addition?
I am now on pins and needles..spill girl. Is it yay or nay????

Sawatzky Kids said...

Very exciting!
Praying everythings works out as it should!
Shelly and family