Monday, January 26, 2009

the break up

I have to end a 10-year relationship. Break it off, clean and easy. Rip off the band-aid, the yelping pain be damned.

I’ve wrestled with this decision for months. Agonized over it, lost sleep over it, turned to my boyfriends Ben & Jerry over it (there is ALWAYS solace found in a heaping serving of New York Super Fudge Chunk, don’t ever let anyone tell you different).

I’ve weighed every pro against its con (we’ve always made a great team vs. I’ve grown beyond our once-crazy antics). Thought long and hard about the ramifications of living a life sans the support of this decade-long friendship.

After all, how do you call it quits after surviving college, first jobs and long binge drinking nights together? After enduring broken hearts, broken promises, broken cars together? After getting tattoos, bad haircuts (and the occasional good one) and dream opportunities together? After celebrating life’s biggest milestones together—marriage and babies and buying homes?

Though it pains me to my very core to imagine waking up tomorrow knowing I’ve done this, I have to. I have to break up …

with my 20s.

Sniff. Sniff.

Today is our very last day as BFFs (well, I guess that second “F” was always more of a generality than an actuality, but still …). Our last day to balk at being called ma’am. Our last day to know we’ll be carded, rather than pray to God that we will be (blessings to the bartender that cards the 30-year-old!).

Today is my last day with my 20s. Here's hoping it's a good one (inspite of the tears). ;)


Sawatzky Kids said...

I was riveted wondering who could this friend be?... What did she do to warrent a total break away?....It was like the first page of a great novel! I then I see "my 20's" and I just about hit the floor laughing! hehehehehehehe
Well done!
I have been thirty for 4 months now and really, I think you two will get along great!

mimipam said...

ha ha ha-you are SUCH a drama queen--well, at least regarding your age! You crack me up. Have a fabulous bday--30 years ago tonight--I was just finishing my second day of 12 hours of induced labor...without any evidence of a baby anywhere and a stubborn dr. to boot. Thanks to your dad we did not go for day # 3 like the dr. wanted...YEAH! I was so worn out--your dad was mad and followed the dr. into the hall and told him I could not endure another day like the past two--the doc said I could and left...2 hours later, he called back to the hospital and scheduled my c-section for the next day. We were never quite sure what changed his mind--I am just glad he did!!! You were worth the wait--always in your own way and on your own terms. I am so proud of you. lovemom

tmm said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Your 30's will be great.

I say good bye ti my 30's in 2 weeks.

Hard to believe.

Remember, it is just a number:):)

A lurker,