Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

Whoo-hoo. I'm Fat and it's Tuesday ... bring on the gluttony! ;)

Tomorrow, on what I have dubbed Thin Wednesday, I will be revealing my new hot-mama mission plan of attack over at my weight-loss blog Fat Chants.

But, until then, I will revel in the deliciousness that is Mardi Gras!!!

p.s. I wanna' be this chick (photo courtesy of the hubs and his camera phone ... both of which were in New Orleans over the weekend) ... yes, she's embracing her birthday suit with a lil' body paint ... gotta love her, um, balls?

1 comment:

Sawatzky Kids said...

Love your new blog!!! It looks great! Also love the snapshots of your new place looks like you have been busy making it a home! :)
Thanks for sharing!