Monday, February 16, 2009

little reminders

At 9:12 last night, my cell made that familiar little jingle that meant I had new e-mail. Imagining the message would be something truly exciting — like SPAM — I debated whether or not I should check it. SPAM could always wait until morning (much like its canned meat namesake, SPAM never goes bad) and I would curse myself if I woke the (finally) sleeping tot tucked beneath my arm just to find out I was the instant winner of a lifetime supply of cheese.

Desperate to silence the painfully loud Elmo DVD, I decided to grab the remote and phone in one smooth, swift motion.

And I’m so glad I did.

With Elmo on mute (you can only hear about his friend Dorothy the goldfish so many times before seriously considering permanent ear plugs), the phone in hand and Coop still peacefully asleep, I was ready to read the adjective-laden details of my cheese winnings.

But the message wasn’t about cheese. Or some other equally sad little “contest.” It was an unexpected message from a friend.

Subject line: hi!

… just wanted to check with you and see if everything's okay....i noticed your blogging has slowed down some (mine has drastically come to a halt, too!), and just wanted to check in with you and make sure everything is going okay …

AWW! Touched. Touched. Touched.

Ever have those days where you feel like you’ve become the absolute worst version of yourself and you have no idea how to come back? That’s been me. For awhile now … but that’s for a separate post.

I have no words to describe how that simple e-mail made me feel, but to the sender, please know that you lifted my heart last night … a little reminder that joy and peace and happiness are always around the bend.

Here are a few more little reminders that I just had to share …

Mimi and Coopie during her visit a couple of weeks ago ... just after she found out her recurrent cancer scare was just that ... a scare! Blessings, blessings, blessings!

Coopie and Keri swirl around the "dance floor" ... no doubt giving her "new guy" a little jealous twinge. ;)

Wow, Mimi's got "great" aim ...

Aww, my lil' niece Monti (aka Montana). Love her! Love this pic! Miss her to pieces.


courtney said...

hang in there, girl! even at our worst versions of ourselves, we still rock! ;)

mimipam said...

Everyone has worst version "daze"...the good thing is, that you realize you have this going on--the trouble happens when you think you are incredible and the rest of the world is off kelter!! So, see you are not near as awful as you first thought!! You just need to learn to "let things go"--words to live by. Loved the pics, except the one with the fat mimi in it--ha ha loveme