Sunday, May 3, 2009


My mom just sent the following pics of my most precious niece, Montana, on her visit to Lubbock to wish Grandma a big o' happy 79th birthday. How stinkin' cute are these...

Montana is mesmerized by her great Grandma ... as she should be, I always have been. ;)

Montana looks like she's gonna' skip the birthday cake and take a bite outta' Grandma's chin instead, lol

best birthday present ever ... lots of baby kisses.


Sawatzky family said...

Priceless memories!
Thanks for sharing these!

mimipam said...

hey those pics look cuter on your blog than they do on my camera--you ARE a magician!!! ha ha they did turn out cute didn't they--thanks for posting the "non-depressing" ones. lovemimi