Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My First Daycare Faux Pas

I was having such a good AM (despite the lack of sleep ... a cold-infused Coop woke up four times between 2 and 4am). By 5:30 my little guy seemed to be feeling better and I actually got through a shower without him crying (major mommy moment, yee-ha). My hair was cooperating (depsite the ridiculously humid weather), I managed to minimize the puffy lids and bags under my eyes and I had such a time getting Coop dressed for daycare (I know, what a girl thing to say, but he looked sooo precious). I put him in a white onesie with his camo pants and these adorable black and white socks that look just like classic converse sneakers (he was kickin' it old school, lol).

All was well, until I arrived at daycare and handed Cooper over to his teacher.

Me: "Here you go. Cooper ate at 4:30 and 6:30 so he should be good to go for awhile."
Ms. X: "OK, great."
Insert a moment for me to kiss my little guy's chubby cheeks.
Ms. X: "My daughter just loves your son. She wants to take him home."
Me: "Aww. Does she work here?"
Insert surprised ... no, shocked ... no, totally FLABBERGASTED expression coupled with a death stare and painfully awkward silence.
Ms. X: "NO. She's 4. She's in the classroom down the hall."
(Internal monologue: YOU idiot! She looks your age! Never speak to this woman again!)
Me: "OMG! I'm so sorry. Of course you're not old enough to have a daughter who works here."
(Internal MOMologue: Umm, really? You really just said that? That was the best save you could come up with for the woman who will be caring for your infant child for the next 10 hours??!??!!)
Insert continued silence and death stare.
Me: "OK, well, y'all have a good day."
(Internal MOMologue: Convince hubby to flirt with Ms. X this afternoon to help repair the ego blow.)

-smell you later-
Coop's Mom (aka Tessa)

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Leigh said...

Ahh! Those sleep-deprived comments when your tongue speaks faster than your brain can possibly fathom can be so very embarrassing! I do remember.

Anyone who has been in your shoes will likely understand . . . and since his teacher has a 4-year-old, she's been there--just not so recently, maybe!

A good thing to laugh off and make jokes of every chance you get so she understands that you weren't suggesting that she seek out a plastic surgeon. ;)

Hang in there, Mama!

~Leigh A. Wilcox

P. S. Adorable pix of the sweet little guy in the recent posts. Love 'em!