Monday, September 10, 2007

Brunch with the Babe(s)

Aww, girl time, ain't it sweet! As a new mommy - especially one on a budget - the get togethers with girlfriends are few and far between. But, thankfully, there are always a few dear friends that are willing to hang in there with ya' during your social disappearing act (that admitedly lasts entirely too long), forgives the umpteen hundred unreturned phone calls and e-mails and is ready and willing to meet up with ya' for brunch when you're finally able to scrounge together a couple of "free" hours on a random Saturday morning. And, bonus, they ooh and goo over the babe you have in tow and aren't ooged out by his boogs or dirty diapers. YES!

This past Saturday I met up with two fabulous chicas (Dash & Suz - love you!) for that wonderful meal tucked between breakfast and lunch. On the menu? Girl talk, gossip and more girl talk. It was heaven. We swapped "what's been up with you" stories over migas, empanadas and other assorted goodies all while Coop entertained the masses with his sweet smile and chubby cheeks.

In the midst of bottles, diapers, burp sessions and bath time, I'd forgotten how good it felt to be in the company of friends. I've been so enraptured with Coop for so long that I didn't realize how much I'd been longing for "that" connection until we sat down to dine.

This must be the curse of all mommies - we stick our life on the backburner in exchange for 24/7 dedication to our children. But the problem is, after awhile, you lose that thing that makes you ... you. While our world will never be like it was pre-baby (would we even want it to be?), it's nice to know that, with the help of friends, we can still order a side of life on a random Saturday morning.

-smell you later-
Coop's Mom (aka Tessa)

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