Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Our Rollover Kid

Although he’s logged several great days of 8-plus hours of sound sleeping, Coop fell back into fits of fussiness the past two nights. Grrrrr. Despite the many rude awakenings, however, I did get a BIG Mommy Bonus this morning that has made this recent bout of exhaustion all worth while.

There was a rollover. Not as in a car, but as in my son. In his crib. At 1:43 this AM. Who-hoo!

I heard Coop crybaby crying (what Daddy has dubbed his weeny cry that says I’m not PO’ed yet – just pouting) EARLY this morning. Usually when he breaks the peaceful silence of sleep it lasts a couple of minutes before he crashes back out — no mom attention required. However, this time he wasn’t giving it up.
With a weary grunt, I grabbed my glasses off the nightstand so that I could check him out on the baby monitor. As the screen came into view, I saw my little man meet a major milestone. From flat on his back onto his chubby tummy, my little guy rolled over for the very first time.

I bolted out of bed and ran to his nursery. Though my body was begging to go back to bed, my heart and mind were overjoyed with Cooper’s accomplishment. He looked like a wide-eyed skydiver wafting through the air (arms and legs extended upward, a look of shock on his face), and the sight of him brought about bubbles of laughter. I picked him up, peppered his cheeks with kisses and chanted over and over how proud I was of him. Unimpressed with my doling out of adoration, Coop started snoring and slobbering on my shoulder within minutes of his latest feat — apparently the magnitude of his crib gymnastics was lost on the little guy.
Wiping the stringy juiciness from his mouth, I tucked Coop back in bed, but not before trying out three different pillows that I hoped would keep him propped on his back. Now that he could choose to plant to do a face plant into the mattress, I was terrified (am
terrified) that he’d nuzzle down too deep and not be able to breathe (this is a totally normal, rational, justified fear, right?).

When I was sure Coop would be free from self-induced suffocation, I slugged back to bed. I thought about waking the hubby to tell him the good news, but thought better of it when I heard the freight train escaping from his nostrils — the man was wiped.
However, I did greet him with this parental goody, as soon as the alarm sounded.

It’s now early afternoon and Chris and I are both counting down the minutes until we can crawl in the floor and test out the new skills of Our Rollover Kid.
Fingers are crossed that I can capture it on camera!

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)


Jessica Falk said...

I am so proud of him. And of you. You are a great mom and I love you and Chris and Coop so much. Have fun with him and enjoy every second, but if you need a vacation I am just a phone call away. Love ya!


Megan said...

Congrats! It sounds like you guys are doing awesome, despite the challenges.

Keep the wonderful blog entries coming. I check the site for new ones every day!

Love ya!

Grandma said...

Roll on over you little boy. Keep up the good work.

Susan said...

This has the sounds of a great essay piece for mags (national?)....just a thought!

;) Susan H.