Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy "Birthday," Baby

It’s the 18th, which means it’s another big day in diaperland: Coop is 4 months old!(Think he’ll say I’m bat-crap crazy if I’m still doing monthly birthday blog tributes when he’s 16 years and 7 months??)

This past month, Coop:

  • Made his YouTube debut
  • Started receiving his very own e-mail from friends & fam (cooperfalk@yahoo.com)
  • Went to his first pool party (which included a dip in the shallow end), brunch & bridal shower (Aunt Amy looked amazing!)
  • Learned how to flirt with the ladies
  • Rolled over! Rolled over! Rolled over!
  • Met Steve. (Aunt Amy gifted Coop with a stuffed dinosaur when he was a newborn and now that he’s starting to grasp things with his chubby little paws, he can’t get enough of the thing. He likes to mouth the dino’s head and keep it in a death grip … it’s precious! Dad gave Coop’s new BFF the best dino name
    ever: Steve. =)

As much as my little guy grows and changes, one thing always remains the same: he has captured me heart, mind & soul.

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

Coop is crashed out after a 3-hour flirt fest he had with a gaggle of gals at Aunt Amy’s bridal shower last weekend. (Pictured: Aunt Amy, Mimi, Me & Coop)

BFF! Coop gives Steve a little luv.

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