Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Finger Lickin' Good

You know that juicy T-bone your lab, Rex, eyes hungrily as you chomp down on the juicy bites of meat? That look of absolute, stone-cold, zeroed-in, ain't takin' no for an answer face that says that bone will be mine? Umm, yeah, that's the same look I see day in and day out on the face of my 4-month-old. His target? His fingers, his hand, heck, his whole arm. I'm guessing we've entered the teething phase, 'cause you can barely catch a glimpse of Coop without some section of his mitt clutched hungrily between his tiny gums. Like Rex, Coop keeps you in his sights at all times, lest you try and pull his paw from his drooling, foamy mouth. On the rare occassion I have dared inch my way toward him, a low "growl" that says, "Back up, Mama" meets my cautious motions. Oops.

Guess my new mommy mantra should be, "Yum, Yum, gimme' some." =)

-smell you later-
Coop's Mom (aka Tessa)

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