Monday, October 22, 2007

It’s a Generation Thang

When you have a baby (especially the first), the grandparents are always quick on the click to capture that must-have “generation” pic. And while it’s common to cuddle up three generations or four, it’s a beautiful — rare — blessing to gather five! This little familial feat is something we accomplished this past weekend in the rockin’ town of Chickasha, Oklahoma (yeppers, Coop made his first trip across the state line … aww). It’s was Chris’ great grandmother’s 98th birthday and friends and family flooded the little town to celebrate, no doubt bolstering the 15,800 population up a notch or two (or 20).

All eyes were watery as Grandma Elliott, feisty and spirited as ever, met her first great great grandson for the very first time. “He’s fat,” she affirmed loudly to a round of laughs. Which, I realized later, in her terms meant he’s healthy, lol. She kept stroking Coop’s head and saying, “He’s nice. He’s nice.”

What a great moment.

Then, before the cake came out and the candles were lit, the 5-member generation crew assembled for the must-have pic of the moment: Grandma Elliott, her son, Grandpa Godwin, his daughter (Chris’ mom), Grandma Fairchild, Chris and little Cooper. With everyone in place, a paparazzi-style photo storm converged on the tiny meeting room in the nursing home where we’d all gathered.

Miracle upon miracle, Coop maintained his happy disposition throughout the onslaught of smiling, posing and camera-snapping before finally succumbing to his weariness, prompting Mommy to take him for a much-needed walk(s) outside.

This was a day that is sure to be remembered for generations to come …

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

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