Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wedding Weekend Wrap-Up

Last week was the countdown to I Do, but by Thursday morning things had gone to hell in a hand basket … not for the bride and groom (thankfully), but for me … Mama Drama!

As I blogged last Wednesday (entry entitled “Slippery When Wet”) I had been battling a sinus infection for 10 days and ignorantly wrote:

“I have come to the conclusion, though, that while baking in my belly for 9 months, Coop absorbed ALL of my immunities and took them with him when he was extracted through a ginormous slit in my abdomen. … Hey, if me being sickly means Coop isn’t, I’m definitely willing to take one for the team …”

That little comment was just asking for a jinxing and sure enough, Thursday morning I was kicked smack dab in the teeth by the karma train … Coop caught my cold and was MISERABLE. His cheeks were flushed, eyes glossy, he was hacking and wheezing and running a temp. Oh, the guilt runneth over as I cradled him in the bathroom, steam pouring from the shower.

I’d tempted fate (and passed on my ooey gooey germs) and now my little guy was paying the price … and just two days before his Aunt Amy’s wedding. Niiiice!

We hit the doc’s office (“Expect this to last up to 2 weeks,” she said), took a long nap then went ahead and took our sickly selves to Abilene to tackle wedding prep.

Coop’s temp kept peaking and plummeting over the next two days, but by Saturday (I Do day), it had thankfully stabilized and though he seemed pretty tuckered out, he was a trooper, batting his eyelashes and tossing the bride a big “you go gett’em” grin.

He even managed to make it through the ceremony with only a few verbal sighs of … boredom? Apparently Coop is like his daddy (and most men) in his distaste of all things ceremonial.

While the baby was hangin’ in, Mom on the other hand was an emotional wreck. I got teary eyed at the wedding and was sooo looking forward to the reception (well, it was staged more as a wild, western party – yee-haw!). I wanted to see Amy and my Dad swirl around during the father/daughter dance (I never did that during my I Do day) and see her cut the cake with her brand spankin’ new hubby. I wanted to take pics of Coop dancing with the bride and I wanted to dance with him and my own hubby. I wanted to savor every second of the joy (now that Amy was done trying to vomit/pass out/die from her pre-wedding jitters).

But, alas, more Mama Drama. My sister-in-law and I took my mom’s Jeep back to the motel (yes, Motel … the wedding was in a teeny town with a population of
1,100) just after the reception started to grab Amy’s change of clothes (she’s a comfy chick and donning a dress for more than an hour is just not in her DNA).
As we were pulling out of the motel parking lot we realized we were driving on a wheel sans tire. We pulled over and saw that the back right tire was totally deflated and sunk behind the rim. If my sister hadn’t accidentally left her cell in my mom’s car, we would’ve had to hoof it back to the reception site to get help. After calling 7 different cells numbers, one of my sister’s friends FINALLY answered and I had her send my hubby. It took over two hours to change that damn thing … (one thing after another went wrong – of course!) and by the time we got back to the party, I’d missed all the good stuff and Coop was desperately tired and ready to make the hour-long trek back home.

So with no dancing with either of my guys (or any pics … poo!), they headed home while I stayed back to finish what was left of the night and help clean up.
Though I was, and still am bummed (I feel like I missed such huge chunks of my baby sister’s wedding experience), I did throw down some “serious moves” during the electric slide and chicken dance with the bride, my mom and a gaggle of other guests.

But, we couldn’t end the night without one more bout of Mama Drama (hello, third time’s the charm!). Around midnight when the band packed it in, we realized that the key to my mom’s motel room had magically disappeared and the truck containing my sister’s honeymoon luggage was on it’s way back to Abilene! By 2am the bags were retrieved, but the key was not. Three cars caravanned back to A-town sans my mom’s things. (Since we were in one of the world’s tiniest West Texas towns, there was no on-site motel assistance to help get in her room – grrr). We’re hoping that the groom’s mom (who lives in aforementioned tiny town) was able to get her gear Sunday morning (we’re talking prescription meds for her arthritis, clothes, make-up, bedding … yadda yadda), but as of yet, we haven’t heard a word.

While every wedding is inevitably fraught with drama, I’m happy to report that when all is said and done things worked out purty good: My sister looked stunning (I did her hair and make-up and was so thrilled that I didn’t screw it up!!), the groom
(shockingly) squeezed out a tear or two at the ceremony (aww!), which couldn’t have been more them (it took place on his parent’s ranch amidst a cluster of trees nestled by a tank just as the sun was setting) and the couple is now enjoying their honeymoon in Ruidoso (which, at last check this AM, had netted them an extra 300 smackaroos they won gambling. Aww, who says romance is dead).

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

Coop crashes (literally) Amy's bachelorette dinner

The bride-to-be and her nephew chat about the big day.

I layer on a final coat of no-go hairspray before we all head down to the ranch

Amy strikes a pose ... I'm so jealous of those damn eyelashes (yep, those are all real).

The happy couple tries to take a quick pic tank-side with one UNhappy baby.

The Boldings. =)

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