Friday, November 2, 2007

Craigslist Controversy

During my mission to help eradicate our family’s debt incurred through student loans, credit cards and birthin’ babies, I recently posted several items for
sale on Craigslist.

But this morning’s headlines have given me cause to

“Craigslist Murder Suspect Charged in Minnesota”
“Man Charged in Craigslist Killing”
“Victim in Craigslist Murder Remembered for Warmth, Energy”

As I’ve ALWAYS been aware of Stranger Danger, when I sold the first item I posted within two hours I was immediately leery of the buyer. I swapped e-mails with the interested party and even googled her name to see if I could find a back-story. Everything seemed on the up & up. But that didn’t stop me from asking a coworker to go with me to “make the sell” the next day … “just in case.”

But, not wanting to succumb to the paranoia I’ve been plagued with all of my life, I ended up going alone. And felt brave in doing so.

I remember jokingly tossing a comment over my shoulder as I walked out of the office, “If I’m not back in 30 minutes, assume I’ve been abducted, maimed or murdered
and call the police.”

I now shudder at my stupidity.

While the sale of the floor nanny took all of 5 minutes in the parking lot of a Schlotzsky’s with the husband of the woman I’d been corresponding with, I realize now how easily things could have gone south.(I didn’t tell Chris about the sale before hand,hoping to surprise him with some fast cash. But the yay-factor of an unexpected $50 was immediately overshadowed by his raging anger when I told him I’d
gone alone to meet the buyer. It is truly unlike me to have been so stupid.)

But with the latest headlines touting the brutal murder of a young woman applying for a babysitting job she saw posted on Craigslist, I know I won’t make the same mistake twice. It sickens me that I am raising my son in a society where you have to second (and third and fourth) guess everyone. But that is,unfortunately, the world we live in.

But here’s the question: How do you instill the importance of being aware without creating a constant panic? I don’t want Cooper to be fearful of others or immediately
distrusting, but I do want him to grow up knowing that there are some bad apples that you have to watch out for — even when, at first glance, it appears they’re
coated in caramel.

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

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