Sunday, November 4, 2007


There was no sitting on our Saturday, making me believe wholeheartedly in the old saying: There’s NO rest for the weary. =) Yesterday was busy, busy … I can only imagine what life will be like when Cooper’s old enough to have lots of little friends with birthday parties and sports and activities o’plenty. Will definitely have to start downing the energy drinks then.

Yesterday Chris was one of the “activity coordinators” (niiiice) for his company’s picnic. So he headed out to a park in Frisco to set up and get the grill going while Coop and I made a flying trip to the store for cups and last-minute necessities (and of course, he screamed the whole time). Sigh.

Then I had a 45-minute window in which to wash the stink off me and the cantankerous tot, get us both dressed, him packed up for a day of play and actually find this hidden oasis tucked waaay in the back of downtown Frisco.

It was a sun shiny day (and chilly) so I alternated blocking the sun for Coop (too bright) and letting it in (too cold). This was Cooper’s first trip to a park and he loved being outside and all of the attention he garnered from the ladies.

At one point I though we might have to sound the Amber Alert. =) Cheryl, one of Chris’ favorite cohorts, looked like she just might make a fast getaway with the baby, lol. Gotta’ keep an eye on that one.

After about three hours, Cooper and I went home with the mission of squeezing in a quick nap before our evening activities … HA! When Chris got home an hour later Coop was wide-eyed, wild and ready for action that was of course until about 20 minutes before we had to leave — that’s when he wanted a nap.

We spent the evening at Chris’ grandparents’ house celebrating three belated birthdays: Chris’ 30th, his Uncle Ken’s 51st and his Grandpa’s 76th.

Chris’ Grandma had bought a highchair for Coop (the space-saver kind that sits in a big-people chair), so when it was time to dive into the crab legs (they were the size of human arms! GINORMOUS), Coop actually got to cozy up to the table with the rest of us.

There we all were, enjoying our shrimp cocktails, wine, crab legs and accoutrements and Coop decided to invoke the “Goose Boy” (see entry: “There’s a Goose on the Loose” for an example, lol). With Coop honking and hooting the whole time, it was probably the best dinner conversation we’ve all ever had, lol! Babies rock!

After presents and b-day cake, it was time to make a quick exit as Coop launched into one of his famous tirades. Thankfully he crashed out in the car and managed to sleep through the transition from car seat to crib, aww, heaven.

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

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