Friday, November 23, 2007

Harry Thanksmas

Yesterday was Coop’s first Harry Thanksmas … what I’ve dubbed the two-for-one Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration we had with Chris’ family. I was so worried about how Coop was going to do, he tends to get extremely fussy when he’s oohed and awed over by lots of admiring fans for an extended period of time. But, yay! He did great! He did manage to spit portions of his sweet potatoes and carrots all over the high chair and because, unbeknownst to me, he had a massive diaper explosion during dinner, he adorned my shirt sleeve with the remnants of his “recycled” meal. Niiiice!

But aside from those two little hiccups, I’d say that Turkey Day was a wild success for my little guy.

The day started with Chris making a gazillion stuffed peppers to take to Thanksmas, while Coop and I watched the parade and poured over the Black Friday ads … OK, I was pouring, Coop was ripping them to pieces like a wild man. Then we headed over to G’ma & G’pa Falk’s for the day’s festivities. Coop’s “perfect” hat and turkey onesie were big hits and I’ve already washed them and tucked them away for Amy & Brady’s “Baby Bolding” to wear next year. Awww.

I’d hoped to hit the sales after dinner … around midnight, but I had a l-iiii-t-t-l-e too much to drink and was too pooped to do anything but head straight for bed.What's a holiday without a hangover, right? Lol.

So what was I thankful for? That Coop let me sleep until 3:30 … just long enough to rid myself of my alcohol-induced (raging) headache. That’s my boy, lol. =)

-smell you later-
Coop's Mom (aka Tessa)

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Anonymous said...

Great pics from T-giving.....But where are the rest of the family rejoicing in Cooper's First? The "Falk" family always get posted to the blog, what is up? Now I know who your favs are!!!