Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Turkey Day Message for Mimi

It was inevitable. With divorces o’ plenty, kids growing up, getting married, starting families of their own. Alternating holidays with the in-laws. It’s Thanksgiving and as excited as I am to share in the excitement of Coop’s first “turkey” feast, I must admit that my heart is a little sad this morning.

Right now I’m listening to Christmas music as “Goose Boy” honks from his jumper. We’re waiting for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade to start. We’re in our home in the metroplex while my mom, my rock, my No. 1 supporter, is at the hospital in Abilene hooked up to an IV receiving heavy doses of antibiotics for an infection. She’ll stay there an hour and a half. Then she’ll head back to an empty house.

Now that Amy’s married, she is celebrating the holiday with her “new” family. And it’s our year to spend the day with Chris’ side. Mom usually heads to Lubbock to be with my grandparents on Thanksgiving, but with her can’t-miss appointment and having to hold down the fort at work tomorrow, a trip outta’ town was an impossibility.

“This bothers you girls way more than it would ever bother me,” she said on the phone the other day when I expressed my concern over her plans.

“It’s only Thanksgiving. It’s fine.”

I know she’s right. She’ll busy herself with a much-needed nap and the Law & Order marathon. She’s needs — no deserves — a day of rest and quiet and the opportunity to just be.

But as her daughter, her fiercely protective first born, I wish more for her, even if she’s fine with the status quo. When I was little I was always a mama’s girl … always in awe of her, wanting to be just like her. Then the teen years hit and I was like, “umm, what? Mom, you’re so dumb.” But adolescent stupidity gave way to adult respect, admiration and a rekindling of that childlike “awe.”

While I can’t be with mom on this holiday, I want to let her know that I’m thinking of her, loving her and admiring her from a far. May the naps be rejuvenating. The marathon intriguing. The quiet a respite for the soul.

Oh, and Coop says, “Hooooonk, Hooooonk Mimi!”

We love you!

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

p.s. You better rest now, when you come up for Christmas there will be no time for napping or marathon watching. And quiet, well … Ha! You know how that goes. =)

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