Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What a Turkey!

In my desire to celebrate Cooper’s first everything with the zest and zeal of a celebutant’s ball (OK, I’m not quite t-h-a-t bad, but close, lol), I have become blind to the obvious inadequacies of my plans.

Case in point? Coop’s Thanksgiving outfit. Last week, out of total manic motherhood desperation, I sent an e-mail blast to every chica I could think of, asking if she’d seen ANY turkey-infused baby wear. The day after Halloween the shelves were stock full of Christmas cuteness, but nothing — NOTHING! — in honor of the greatest day of gluttonous eating. Poo.

The responses were few, yielding even fewer leads so I headed to eBay. I entered “baby thanksgiving clothes” into the search engine and shazam! — a plethora of choice orange-and-brown ensembles from which to choose. Who-hoo! As I was scanning through page after page, I realized, upon closer inspection, that my options were more limited than first thought once I began looking for something appropriate for 1.) a boy (the hair bows were sooooo tempting, lol!) and 2.) something in the 6-9 month size category. But, thankfully, I did find 4 items I loved enough to bid on.

The first item, a brand-new Carter’s set that included orange-and-white striped pants and a onesie emblazoned with the words “Thankful for Mommy” (Umm, hello, perfect! Lol!), was lost to another, what I can only assume was an equally obsessed parent. But I did win, what I consider an even cuter outfit, a long one-piece with a big o’ turkey on the front (he can hate me when he’s older).

The third item, a precious pair of orange baby gap overalls, is still going on … obvious oversight No.1! Why would I bid on something that is relevant to a holiday that has no chance of reaching me by said holiday?!?! Like I said, I’m blinded by the ambitious Zs. =)

Now comes the fourth item. A simple white cap (ya’ know the kind … the plain jane $3 caps with a knot at the top), which boasts the words “My First Thanksgiving”, embroidered in brown across the brim. When I saw the message I HAD TO HAVE IT! How perfect, right? (I know, I’m even annoying myself at this point). Blind oversight No. 2 … the auction, like the overalls, also ended within a VERY tight window — as in Monday night at 10pm. With the shipping the seller had quoted, the “perfect” cap would arrive the day after the turkey and dressing had been devoured. Sigh.

Then I got a call yesterday morning:
“How much do you love me?” the hubby queried, which is always his intro into big news.
“A ton,” I said, “Why? Whad’ya do?”
“The cap will be here tomorrow.”
“What??!!? Really??!! I love you! I love you! I love you!,” I said.
“You better,” he replied sounding a bit defeated.
“What’s wrong? … Wait. Uggh. How much did the perfect cap end up costing us?”
“The original bid, with shipping was $8. But now, with rush delivery, we’re well into the $20s.”

Yup … because I’m certifiably insane, we paid over $20 for a $3 cap. Niiiice!

I’m such a turkey. Gobble! Gobble!

-smell you later-
Coop’s Mom (aka Tessa)

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