Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Be Mine, Valentine

For Coop's first Valentine's Day I thought we should go old school to celebrate. We're talking construction paper, glue and finger paints, lots and lots of finger paints (more on him ... and me, then the actual paper).

With a tarp-covered kitchen floor, a scantily clad baby and an optimistic mommy, we set out to handcraft Valentines for the gaggle of grandparents. While Coop didn't enjoy sloshing paint as much as he does his baby food, I think for his first foray into the "art world" he did pretty well.

He covered pink paper with red gush (compliments of his hands AND feet), then I pasted a pic of him complete with a crown and a huge heart on the front with the words:

the king of hearts wishes you a very happy valentine's day

Cheesy? Yes. But isn't that was this hallmark holiday is all about? Showering those you love with an ooey gooey mess that, in the eyes of grandparents (and Mommy and Daddy), is nothing short of a masterpiece?

happy, happy love day!


Shootin It Straight said...

Love your blog. Love your sense of humor. Love reading a new mommy's point of view that is always keepin' it real! Happy Love Day to you and Coop.

The Buster Bunch said...

You're so creative. I wish I thought of fun things like that. I'm doing good to have a Valentines outfit on my kid. I'm impressed!