Friday, February 29, 2008

In Honor of the Day That Wasn’t …

Leap year only dares to grace us with its presence every four years, so I wanted to commemorate this day by doing something most people never, ever do … say the things never said (or in this case, write them down and share them with the “world”).

I saw this on another friend’s blog and thought, sure, why not. Here’s a list of the things that at some point, have floated in and out of my mind, but I’ve never shared before. This list is written of course, in a vague, non-descript way to protect the innocent. =)

Here’s to catharsis:

• I wish you would come back to us. Missing you is the understatement of all time.

• You are completely and totally bat-shit crazy! Oh, and you’re an evil little person who feeds on the insecurities of others. If you keep pushing, eventually there will be no one left to push.

• I cringe every time you call.

• Where did your love go and why didn’t you look harder to find it when you noticed it was missing? You’re a coward with cowardly ways.

• Do you know you deserve to be loved? Do you know that you already are? In love(d) by one … not now. Loved by many … always.

• You were responsible for shaping a life. You are not a responsible person. Your inaction has left scars on the heart.

• The way you do things scares me sometimes. Yet, at the same time, I wish I could be more like you.

• If you love her, you idiot, fight for her.

• If you don’t love him, you idiot, leave him.

• I could not breathe without you.


Anonymous said...

WOW, I bet people are sitting around thinking--"that's me, no, that one is about me"...what a hoot. Very good thought though...I like it! love mimi

STACIE said...

Just because I am bat-shit crazy, doesn't mean you should cringe every time I call... :)

Straight Shooter said...

THAT was fab-u-lous-!

Sawatzky Kids said...