Thursday, February 28, 2008

it's a diva

I do believe the tide-is-a-turning. In the baby making department, that is. When I was preggars with Coop everyone just before me, with me and just after me was baking boys.

I often joked, “Does God even make girls anymore?”

It seems he does now! =) Girls are now making quite the comeback (I know five chicas who either just popped out some pink or are about to!).

But there’s one particular little diva-in-development that I’m dying to meet …

my niece (aka Montana Bolding)!!!

My little sister Amy called earlier today and announced that she and hubby Brady are having a baby girl!

While I can’t pass on the 12 gazillion boxes of boy gear I’ve been hording, this announcement certainly gives me a great reason to stock up on the frilly fun things in the baby department. Who-hoo!

I am beyond thrilled for my lil' sis. She's gonna' make a freakin' fantastic mommy (even if she doesn't know the first thing about frilly fun things! LOL! Love ya' Am).

Oh, and another darling little one I’m excited about? My dear friend Lindsay just found out this week, as well that her little man Connor (he’s 2) is gonna’ have a baby sister. I’ve already planned Cooper’s first date with her … picnic and concert in the park, perhaps?

Love and hugs to both of you!!! The world is gonna' be a much prettier-in-pink place very soon. =)

p.s. The pic is Montana's first big photo shoot! =)

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Anonymous said...

AWWWEEE, isn't she just adorable? Now I can officially look at lil dressy,sassy frocks again!! What fun!!! love mimi