Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Easter "Show"

We celebrated Coop's first Easter in A-town and though we rolled in Thursday night, there STILL wasn't enough time to make all of the rounds. Sigh. But, we did manage to swing by and see the Easter Bunny, aka Jack (Daniels) Rabbit. Yes, as the nickname would imply, I'm fairly certain that the floppy-eared fellow was either a) DRUNK!, b)STONED!, c)INSANE, d) ALL OF THE ABOVE!

E.B. was so stiff while he had a screaming kid on his lap (he didn't flinch, twitch, shake his tail) that my mom, sister and I thought it was a statue. Um, nope. About 10 seconds after the terrified kid bolted, that upright, statuesque bunny, slumped down and to the side ... all the way down and to the side. The woman taking the pictures started pounding furiously on her podium to get his attention. YOWZER!

My mom wanted to report EB to security, but, drunk bunny or not, I was determined to get my picture ... I was a mama on a mission. As soon as EB "regained consciousness" I plopped Coop on his lap, stepped about 2 feet away (just in case), did a crazy lady happy dance to get Coop's attention for the camera and got my shot (EB was still slightly slumped in the pic)!

Aww, what a wonderful tale I now have to share with my precious baby boy ... heartwarming ain't it? Happy! Happy!

p.s. For all the folks we missed this weekend, here's a Kodak recap ... between me and my mom, we took more than 150 pics! Damn photobucket would only let me upload 30 ... how dare they!


Sawatzky Kids said...

LMAO about the bunny! We have had a similar experience! Great picturs too! Your little guy is absolutly ADORABLE!!! :)
Shelly and crew

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

OH oh OH!! I am wipin' tears and snot from the howlin' I just did over that post!
I am curious, did momma turn him in?!