Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No, No Chemo

I'm a little late in the Melanoma Mimi update, but I have good news to report: No Chemo Needed (or any other puke-inducing process). Yee-ha! She'll have to go in for chest X-rays and a battery of blood tests every few months, but other than that, follow-up is minimal at this point.

There is a bummer, though: Because the docs had to remove several lymph nodes during surgery, her lymphatic system is completely outta' whack, causing her ankle (where the tumor was removed) to swell to ginormous proportions (or a grapefruit, take your pick). The prognosis? She could have elephantitis of the ankle (gee, that has such a nice ring to it) for, um, ya' know, EVER! Her plastic surgeon says when you diddle around with lymph nodes, it's always a crap shoot.

A compromised energy level and less-than-speedy healing are both still proving to be lingering little beasts. (Case in point? I could tell Mom was in pain and completely exhausted from the excitement of having Coop in town for a visit last weekend. When she offered to give him a bath, I had to tell her no, "I don't want you hurt. Or him hurt. And he's slippery when wet," was my explanation. ACK! Who tells their own Mom, no? I still feel guilty as hell! Sigh.)

But, despite it all, Melanoma Mimi has retained her fiesty, hop-a-long attitude that would inspire anyone and I am sooo completely in awe of her. Please shoot her an e-mail and let her know she's in your thoughts,

And to you, M.M., sending you all my love and prayer (and a great pair of camouflage socks for that fat, ugly ankle, lol!).

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~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Great Post! It covered it, wet baby, elphantitis, wrongin' your momma, and love. Well done, I'd say!
So glad M.M. is a no chemo pukin' hair losin' woman!