Tuesday, April 22, 2008

eat it

Ugh. Ack. Sigh. I’m having one of those sucky mother days. I just got a call from Cooper’s daycare; his teacher wanted to know if she could give him finger food snacks when she gives them to his other classmates.

“Whenever I give snacks to the other kids, Cooper always acts like he wants some, too.”

I explained that we were taking the whole “solid solids” thing very slowly because Each And Every Time we try to give Cooper a bite of a cracker (anyone recall the whole biter biscuit incident?), a cereal snippet, etc. he chokes — as in crying, coughing, face-turning-blood-red chokes.

Admittedly, I’ve become gun shy on doling out hunks and chunks of food that could potentially send my child to the ER. And now, I guess because of that, I’ve let my little guy fall behind.

After the phone call and a panicked conversation replay for the hubby, I did some research on the world of finger foods. Apparently 7-9 months is the average age of introduction. WHAT??!! Coop’s now 11 months. CRAP!

You can set reminders on your e-mail, your PDA, hell, your TV to raise a flag when it’s time for something important … why isn’t there a similar system for parents? A big flashing neon sign, complete with bells and whistles that says, “Hello, stupid, start your child on big boy foods. Now.”

I don’t want Coop to start kindergarten still eating regurgitated green beans, so I guess tonight’s the night. Cooper, meet Cheerios. Cheerios, please be kind to my son. Self: please remember how infant CPR works … just in case.


The Buster Bunch said...

Don't feel bad. Everyone keeps telling me to start Brenley on solids, the mushy kind. I'm slow playing it big time. Why make my life more complicated? We've got a good thing going with nursing. I'll start sometime, but not today :)

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Don't do it cause everyone else is or some "professional" says so. YOU know what's best for Precious! God gave us that instinct for a reason my friend. Trust it when you don't feel right. Just in case you do want to try something though - rice krispies. They roll around in there and get all mushy. Good Luck Tessa!