Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Um, so, I’m about a month behind in playing along with this little game, but to my credit, though I’m an avid blogger, I don’t/didn’t really know what words like “tagged” and “meme” meant. Anywhoo, sorry for my blogging oversight Courtney … this is for you. =)

What I was doing 10 years ago:
• Enjoying my second (and, sadly my last) semester at Tech (as in Texas, for those unframiliar with the school I swore since 5th grade that I would graduate from … oh, the things you leave behind for the boy you love …)
• Slaving away as a student assistant in the biology department on campus (as well as avoiding my biology teacher … didn’t want to get busted for attending class, um, seriously, about once a month. hmm, maybe that’s what caused that damned academic probabtion, who knew?!)
• Stopped dating the love of my life (his choice), but I still (like an idiot) left Lubbock and followed him home (guess it was the right decision in the end since I ended up marrying the doofus 5 years later)
• Hung out with my gal pals and tried to fill the time (and the void in my heart — sniff. sniff.) with binge drinking and flirting.
• As any good and true Abilenian, I pledged my allegiance to Cisco Junior College the following semester because I screwed around (not literally, although that would’ve been a nice distraction, lol) and didn’t send my transcripts to a “real” school in time for the fall

5 things on my to do list for today:
• Survive boot camp (oops, just received confirmation that it was cancelled because of sudden deluge … CHECK!)
• Find replacement activity for boot camp (does laundry count???)
• Try to keep my pudgy paws off the donuts that are 5 steps away from my desk (8.5 hours down, 30 minutes left to go. Must.Be.Strong.)
• Somehow convince 1-year-old that just because a veggie is thin in substance, does not mean he must show mommy how well he can project it through his teeth and into hair (his and mine)
• Wash said thin veggie substance out of hair (his and mine), off the highchair, off the walls, out of the carpet

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
• Buy 3 freakin’ amazing houses. One for my lil’ family. One for my mom. One for my sister and her growing clan (just 7 weeks until Montana makes her big debut!)
• I’d start my own magazine and book publishing company and hire my uber-talented friends to work with me. Oh, and I’d model the offices after the ones Google has. Hello, EVERY office should have a slide!
• I would never, ever hesitate to spoil my family and friends. And I would repay all of the kindnesses bestowed upon my little family when we were poverty-stricken nobodies (Stephenson’s you know I’m looking at y’all!!!)
• I would save a chunk of change for Coop, so in the future, if he gets bitten by the writing bug (like mommy) and gets rejected (like mommy), he can still follow his passion without worry. (Oh, wait. Scratch that, I’ll have my own publishing company … so my baby won’t ever be rejected. Oh, shoot, Add that back on. Rejection is good for the soul. Builds character and all of that “crap.”)
• Do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted because, um, hello, I’m a friggin’ billionaire!

3 of my bad habits:
• Not eating fruits and veggies (I HATE them! (Almost) All of them!)
• Cussing/Cursing/Using Foul Language (sh*t, you know what I mean)
• Obsessing …over whatever is my obsession at the time (right now it’s losing weight, finding a house, encouraging Coop to pull up and the loose, wrinkly, flabby skin under my chin that has appeared as a result of the disappearnce of my third chin (second is still holding tight)

5 places I have lived:
• Abilene, TX
• Lubbock, TX
• San Angelo, TX
• Dallas, TX
• The Colony, TX

5 jobs I have had:
• One-hour photo chick at Eckerd’s
• Bath towel schlepper (and damn fine folder) at JCPenney
• Copywriter at JCPenney
• Magazine editor at DallasChild
• Marketing copywriter at PPAI

4 People I Want to Know More About:
Straight Shooter


courtney said...

yay! you did it! i've been waiting EVERY DAY for your answers. not really. but kinda. :)

i have been blogging for 3 years and i still don't know what a meme is....

when you're a billionaire, can i please come work at your magazine. i can't really write--my spelling is horrible and i pretty much make up my own punctuation, but i figure gayle probably didn't know much about magazines at one time, either!

(really i just want to slide)

Sawatzky Kids said...

I love these things even though i too have no idea what meme means...but i pretend i do so i don't lose my street cred with other bloggers! lol

Andrea said...

Hi! I thought I would introduce myself since I check up on you every so often. I didn't know you were in Texas?!? I am a displaced Texan living overseas. I met my hubby in Abilene. I grew up in Houston and went to school in Austin and Dallas/Denton. I've pretty much covered much of Texas :).

Congrats on the weight loss! You're an inspiration! We are going on vacation soon (maybe the Texas heat will make me sweat weight off-but the restaurants will put it back on :(). When I get back I am going to get serious about losing the baby weight-the "baby" is 16 months-enough is enough.

I like your upbeat stle of writing-I also like how you tackle motherhood. Kepp up the great work!

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Holy Crap! I was just trying to catch up on some of my fave blogs and what do I find? A little mention of my name...Hmmm. Thanks for the invite. Shew, now I at least have one post for next week! Can you give me some more fodder...please.
BTW I am so glad to read you and Pooper Scooper are doing better...Sheesh. That was a l o o o n g time coming. Poor baby. Poor Momma!