Tuesday, May 27, 2008

sweet seat

Last weekend was big. Not just because it was our family’s first experience with ear infections (bleck!) or because it was Memorial Day (thank you!). But because Coop hit a milestone. A major, Major, MAJOR milestone! He finally got to face-forward in the car! Who-hoo! Yippee! Yee-ha!

Age requirement met? Check!
Height requirement met? Check!
Weight requirement met? Check!
Ready to face the world? Check! Check! Check!

I was so freakin’ excited to get Coop a “big boy” car seat that I could barely stand it. During the 30(ish) minutes that he wasn’t screaming and/or sleeping on Saturday (yes, he’s been known to do both at the same time … quite talented that lil’ man o’ mine), we made the trek to the best store in the world — Target — and snatched up a sweet seat I’d been eyeing for awhile.

It’s black and grey (so it coordinates perfectly with my mommy mobile … hubby, stop rollin’ your eyes!) and has a removable cup holder that Coop is obsessed with! He looks so little in his big boy seat and I know it’s only a matter of time before he’s filling out every nook and cranny.

I love, love, love being able to glance in the backseat and see Coop’s little face; no longer having to guess whether he’s sleeping, playing, zoning or just ignoring me because he can. The best part? Whenever I flip down the visor mirror, I catch Coop’s eye and he gives me the biggest, snaggle-toothiest grin ever to warm a mommy’s heart.

It. Is. The. Absolute. Best.

“Dada” installing the new car seat.

“Dada” sweatin’ AFTER installing the new car seat in 99-degree weather with 800-million-percent humidity.

Coop checkin’ out his new chair … already trying to see how to detach the cup holder.

I think he likes his new digs. So cute!

Aaaannnddd we’re back to the screaming fit. Poor baby.


Sawatzky Kids said...

Forward facing carseat! AAWWWWW man its a whole new world out there! He looks so cute and little in the huge mama of a seat! hehehehehe Congrats on another milestone! :) They do add up quickly!
Shelly and crew

Hulsey Fam said...

I am so pumped with you on the foward facing era... Lawson loves it.... I wish we lived closer I have a feeling these two would have a blast:)

Andrea said...

I really liked this. In the past I have dug my heels in about turning the seat forward-telling DH that we need to wait. I really wanted to delay knowing that my baby was no longer. I love that you embrace that milestone. Having said that, I do love seeing the little grin in the rearview mirror. The mischievious eyes scare me though :).